UEFA Europe League | High level service

Some of the participants of the UEFA Europe League are less known in Europe, that does not apply to ASAE. We treat every football city like we do in the Champions League, we map everything from the airport to the hotels and from the transportation to security and many more. We provide the ideal conditions for the team & staff for optimal performance. 

ASAE finished more than 200 projects and served more than 30 professional football clubs including some big names like JuventusAtletico Madrid & Lazio Roma. Every football club has got their own whises, we combined all these whises with our experience in more than 30 different European Football cities and created a full package service which is accessible for every professional football club:

  • ASAE selected the best hotels for you and reviewed them on more then 50 important services based on the needs for football clubs. 
  • ASAE selected the best local transportation companies for ground transport that are used to work with football clubs
  • ASAE selected the best additional training facilities
  • ASAE can help you to prepare a protocol for your European match or Pre-season camp. 
  • ASAE is 24/7 in contact with the local authorities, like Airport Manager & the contact person of the local Police
  • ASAE checks the local airport procedures and arrange the quickest and safest way out for the team.
  • ASAE takes care of the security procedures during the whole stay (hotel, airport and if needed at other locations)
  • ASAE selected the best hotels for your sponsors and other invited guests.
  • ASAE selected the best restaurants for the boardmembers, sponsors & invited guests
  • ASAE can offer many more additional services, everything is possible

City Information Tool 

For all professional football clubs we are building an unique City Information Tool, focussed on the necessities of a Sport club during their travel in Europe. With a personal account you have access to infinite knowledge & experience in more then 30 football cities, we inform you about the most important information: hotels, airports, transportation, stadium, training facilities, excursions, restaurants, medical information and many more.

Feel free to sign up below this page and receive your login of our City Information Tool within 1 hour and you will have access to infinite knowledge & experience in the organisation of European football matches and/ or abroad pre or midseason camps. 

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